How Do I Get Myself Out of Difficulty & a Bad Situation & Make Improvements in My Life?

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How Do I Get Myself Out of Difficulty & a Bad Situation? How to Make Improvements in Your Life

THE FORCE EXISTS: Make it Work in Your Life

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You create your reality with your thoughts. You have an amazing opportunity to create anything you want in life.

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Proof how our thoughts create our reality
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Understanding anything on an intellectual level is an important and necessary preliminary. Real understanding, however, comes with emotional comprehension.

You cannot apply the principles of belief, thought & emotion manifestation with any significant level of success without a baseline emotional comprehension.

The way we were told reality works, is that physical matter is detached, something apart from us and unresponsive to our desires and needs. As a result, we automatically process all information accordingly.

It is as if we are deeply cognizant of the “fact” that our thoughts and emotions do not form our reality, when in fact this is an emotionally-held hypnotic belief, or myth.

This  way of approaching life has been emotionally assimilated and it is our baseline approach. This must change if we are going to have any success with metaphysics.

A Quantum Leap is an emotional leap. It is the final factor needed; the emotional comprehension of an idea, principal or paradigm.

The way to change our baseline approach to life, is to study the metaphysical principles on an intellectual and emotional level, and then to deliberately replace the old paradigm with the new metaphysical truth.

When it all clicks emotionally, that is when it will really work in our lives.

This idea that our reality and other people are separate and apart from us is so deeply internalized that we have intellectually and emotionally lost a sense of control and power. Most people who are learning these concepts on my website have one foot in the mythical trance-like worldview held by the entire civilization, and one foot in the metaphysical worldview.

Most of us get it intellectually, but not emotionally. The emotional factor is where we go wrong. This is really just another way of saying that we don’t really believe what we say we do on an intellectual level.

This means that most people that are learning these concepts have a lot of beliefs that are in conflict. If you don’t want to be ineffective and divided like the majority, you must work on your belief system in order to assimilate the ideas intellectually and then emotionally.

Your objective should be to get to the point where you can make these principles  of manifestation work in your life. That is primarily an emotional accomplishment. That is one important reason why I am introducing video here that conveys emotional understanding.

Emotional knowledge

This site has a variety of stimuli to emotionally reinforce and contribute to what you are learning on an intellectual level.

I cover as many subjects as possible in my websites, and I include daily affirmations and guidance to help you learn on both an intellectual and emotional level, so that you can apply the principles successfully in your own life.

The purpose of all of this is to help you create the life you want.

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Using affirmations to create events, metaphysics



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There Is a Solution, But It May Not Be What You Suspect

how-to-get-yourself-myself-out-of-difficulty-bad-situation-22-animated-sword-ahow-to-get-yourself-myself-out-of-difficulty-bad-situation-22-animatedWe are not taught the basics. Because all of reality is constructed of thought, and because we aren’t taught that basic fact about reality, we sometimes get ourselves into a complicated mess by dwelling on negatives.

When a lot of things go wrong, or when something really seems to hurt, we get upset. Being upset for a moment is sometimes necessary to motivate us to find a solution, but this is an overrated approach.

When we are upset, we are adding energy and layers to whatever problems we have and whatever may be bothering us.

The solution is to bring positive energy to the situation


Believing we are at the mercy of situations or problems that have more power than us is a form of misplaced faith.

When we believe in the negative, we worry. The longer we remain in a negative pattern like this the deeper we bury ourselves in the problem and the more desperate we get for a solution.

We end up manifesting so many disappointments and complicated obstructions that we end up frustrated, perhaps focused on the negative, and stuck.

Create with positive thoughts

Mainstream methods of solving problems don’t work


We are taught that to solve a problem we must focus on it. So we worry. Worrying is an attempt to solve a problem that does not work.

It usually does the opposite and makes our problems worse. Even if we don’t worry, our cultural training does not help us enough to avoid complicated problems in life. This article will.

How Do I Get Myself Unstuck?

The universe, being kind and wise, created something in consciousness that can help clear up any problem no matter what it is. You are consciousness and therefore you possess this protection.

If you are already frustrated or stuck in an unwanted situation as described above, try making an effort at using this primary feature of consciousness. Anyone can use this most amazing gift from the universe that can fix a lifetime’s mess of problems and disasters. The solution can be found and implemented for you without any effort on your part.

This protection is a main feature of consciousness and existed from the beginning. It is an actual powerful force that works throughout the universe. It is in every cell, electron and conscious energy unit.

NBC NEWS REPORT: Universe is conscious

Positive Propensities

There are positive propensities in all consciousness and matter that automatically produce the best possible outcomes in all situations. You don’t need to worry bout your problems anymore. All you need to do is activate the already existing propensities within to seek a solution for you.

And that is done by having faith. Faith is the force that makes good things happen.


The Activator of Constructive Propensities

how-to-get-yourself-myself-out-of-difficulty-bad-situation-with-your-mind-Fantasy-04The universe is entirely made up of consciousness and fortunately consciousness is inherently good. All consciousness is predisposed to constructive and positive developments. But what activates the most positive developments so that you do not get stuck in a cycle of frustration and problems in the first place?

The answer is faith in existence, faith in yourself and life.

THE SOLUTION to All of Humanity's Problems


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Using affirmations to create events, metaphysics


THE FORCE Faith Makes Flowers bloom

It also solves problems. It does what’s best. It creates the best outcome without you having to do anything.

People often think of faith as being religion, but that is not what it is. I am not saying you must believe in a god or religion. That is not what I am saying at all.

I am saying that if you have trust in yourself and what you are, and faith in yourself and your life, that this is the ultimate tool.  Without faith nothing happens, not even physical reality itself.

Faith is an extremely powerful force. It is not weak. Faith exists in everything. Faith enables a seed to sprout and the sun to rise. Faith is in a microbe and a child. Without faith nothing good would happen.


Faith Is a Force in the Universe

medieval-glass-knights-decoration-animaFaith is an activator. It is like the leaven that makes bread dough rise as if by magic.

Faith activates other forces within you and in the universe itself. Faith will create, attract, and put you in correspondence with the solution or whatever you need to solve your problems and achieve your goals.

Faith is not always singular, however. The strong faith of a powerful metaphysician is built on the bedrock of many smaller ‘faiths’ that may have built up over the course of a lifetime. These smaller ‘faiths’ may be positive views, positive expectations, assumptions, confidence in yourself, people and reality.

The totality of faith in many things brings us to a powerful overall faith. I am telling you how to become truly powerful, like the greatest people in history.

The link provided (below) may lead you to restore faith in yourself and reality. The more positive your overall views of yourself and reality, the stronger you are and the more overall power your thoughts have to manifest.


Apply Your Worldview Successfully

Understanding and having the right worldview also brings faith.

Like thoughts and emotions, faith isn’t all that impressive to many. We equate power with big physical things, like powerplants and bulldozers, or physical actions such as hard physical work and struggle.

But those are not in-and-of-themselves powerful, they are a result of what is powerful.

THE SOLUTION to All of Humanity's Problems

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