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Clearly written metaphysical books make difficult concepts easy to understand for the most advanced and beginners.

All the books listed are listed by Earth Network and are written by William Eastwood.

The metaphysical websites contain over 100 hundred FREE metaphysical articles. Content is both advanced and for beginners and dummies.



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Simple and clearly written books for those who are new to the subject—books for dummies and beginners—are not really for dummies. They are written with simple language that is easy to understand and repetition that works best for learning and retention regardless of whether or not you are a beginner.


Metaphysical websites list and online bookstore

Let these spiritual consciousness books raise your energy and help guide you in your journey into higher states of consciousness and living.


A philosophy of personal power

Thoughts are fields of energy that form matter. We have built a civilization on the division between mind and matter, yet both are the same — consciousness and matter are both composed of electromagnetic fields.

Thoughts combine with similar thoughts and transform themselves into probable events which contain the impetus and pattern necessary to evolve into the complexity of matter.

  • You project your own psychological energy out to form the physical world.
  • Ideas and emotions are energy that coalesce as events and objects.
  • Your life is a learning experience you chose in order to learn how to project energy.
  • Your life situation gives you clarity as to what you are projecting psychologically.
  • You are in your own hologram.


Altruistic, Autonomous Movement Books

By: William Eastwood

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What Is the Cause of School Shootings, Bullying & Fake News, Crimes Against Humanity, Poverty & High Taxes, the New Arms Race & All My Problems? - How to Change Your World Book by William Eastwood earth from space cover












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A JOURNEY OUT OF THE ILLUSION explains how each person is a separate dimension of existence. Each person creates time and space. Understanding will change the world as we know it.


EN's eBooks have audiobook capability

Once your inner mind is programmed for success via affirmations you become invincible.



Helping you to create the life you want



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The spiritual awareness paperback books on this website come directly from the manufacturer

EN uses because it is a trusted company with a quality reputation since 2002 and over 100 million in book sales. With over two million titles, has a reputation to uphold.




Try these metaphysical manifesting books. This is where you get the best spiritual consciousness books and ebooks on how to raise your energy, find higher awareness & new way of life.

Get the latest and best new age, metaphysical, mind power and manifesting books on internet here.

The content of these books is based largely on the most credible & advanced science in the world ― Einstein’s relativity, David Bohm’s “holomovement,” & “many-worlds interpretation” of quantum mechanics.



EN has developed systems of application based on emerging highly credible spiritual consciousness science that is spreading the globe. Use William Eastwood’s methods to manifest money. It is better to be smart. Create wealth and intelligence.

Clearly written books and websites are an intelligent choice for even the most advanced readers.  Therefore, these books and websites are not really for dummies and beginners, but offer a simple language that is easy to understand.

The website and book list below gives you the best metaphysics. Each website is like a free metaphysical or new spiritual age school. The websites and books go hand in hand. All the books advertised relate to and explain the concepts in these websites.

We are entering a new age of spiritual awareness. These metaphysical books and websites for those who are new to the subject—websites and book lists for dummies and beginners—are thus needed.

Repetition of concepts works best for learning and retention regardless of whether or not you are a beginner or the most advanced metaphysical spiritual master.



Learn how to raise your energy and find higher awareness & new way of life here with these books today.

Age of a new spiritual awareness

We are entering a spiritual age of awakening in which the main goal is to raise our energy and refine our beliefs. This is a personal and social evolution of a new spiritual consciousness.

The process begins when we begin to notice coincidences in our lives. This will occur when we raise our energy with positive thinking and through metaphysical principles of giving attention to that which we are bringing into existence.

As synchronistic events occur that give us what we require and often more, we recognize this as being a result of a mysterious sustaining force or higher energy working below the surface of events in our lives. We feel comforted knowing this, which raises our energy further.

This is not religion or traditional science, but something more. If we suddenly change direction in a beneficial way and wonder why we have done so, we are noticing something about life we missed before, something very important.

When the right people enter our life or something happens to save us at just the right time we are fascinated and reassured at the same time. A sudden burst of positive emotion fills us and we realize that life is much more than what we were taught. Faith and optimism that we felt as children returns and we are bathed in a new energy and dynamic that is incredibly stimulating.



This excitement encourages us to learn more and attempt to manifest more. This leads to the realization that success with manifesting varies depending on the level of energy and inspiration we feel at the time.

We begin to notice a pattern in our life. When we hold traditional beliefs we see the world in a certain way that provokes fear and a worry that events may be spiraling downward or in some other way betraying our best interests. This focus causes our energy to plummet and fear to grip the moment.

When our energy drops as a result of this old worldview, the coincidences do not happen as frequently. This leads us to believe that there is a connection between higher states of energy and the events that happen in our lives. The goal then becomes to maintain a higher energy at all times.

We then begin a learning process so that we may enjoy this sense of having something upholding us (our inner spiritual self) and bringing us what we need and want in life. We are now focused on creating more coincidences and maintaining high energy. In doing so we have taken a quantum leap into a new way of living. We have reached a higher level of understanding.



This higher level of understanding has always been the destiny of humanity. This awareness is what I term the altruistic, autonomous movement.

The force operating in our lives below normal awareness is our own deeper consciousness. When we pay attention to what is happening we soon realize that life is not supposed to be painful. Existence is oriented in a positive way that we missed before.

We begin a journey of seeking insights through a strong thirst for learning and going higher in our energy. In the process one such insight is that we are consciousness and consciousness is effortlessly and automatically altruistic and autonomous (capable of self-government and correct decisions that benefit the self and others at the same time).

When we fall back into the old ways we feel fear and fear knocks us down into a lower energy. This lower energy has its own corresponding reality that draws what we fear and believe to be true when we do not trust ourselves or our reality. We have fallen into the old beliefs that have created the chaos in the world. Those beliefs do not offer any escape and so we suffer and worry while we are terrorized by our fears which do not want to let go.



Life then becomes a process of escaping the lower energy states through focusing the mind on insights. We use whatever makes us feel good to get started, such as optimism or affirmations.

The books on the websites listed on this page will help you pull yourself up out of lower energy states of fear and worry. The metaphysical books here will teach you many insights to allow you to maintain the highest energy possible. These metaphysical books teach a new philosophy that is the soul’s wisdom.



These are ancient principles and our destiny at the same time. This is a new spirituality and higher consciousness for our civilization.

Take a quantum leap and advance into a whole new spiritual awareness and way of life that leaves fear and anxiety behind for good, leaving us at a higher level of existence that attracts higher energy events. Life becomes increasingly beautiful and magical as we are transported to our own states of bliss and attainment.




We all share certain qualities that are inherent in all consciousness. The qualities of consciousness are reflected in the attributes of young children. Young children possess positive inclinations such as high expectations. They are cooperative. They are loving. They are social. They are curious and trusting, etc.






Behavior follows belief and not the other way around

The amount of money you make and amount of good that you allow into your life is directly tied to your core beliefs about human nature. And these come from society.


THE SOLUTION Content & Review


You Are a Beautiful.  The Human Soul is Good.  The Spirit Is Altruistic.  Reasons Why the Soul & All People Are Altruistic Inside


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Einstein tells us that believing the universe is friendly determines happiness in life

Albert Einstein.

Einstein said there is one decision we make every day that determines whether or not we live a happy life.

“The most important decision we make,” Einstein said, “is whether we believe we live in a friendly or a hostile universe.”



Why believing people are good helps you

Godling, authentic self.

Even if you do not punish yourself consciously, it is common to have achievement ceilings related to one’s internal sense of how much they deserve.

All positive and negative beliefs manifest in experience and some will materialize in the body. Negative beliefs can manifest as illness, accidents and health issues.

Positive views of yourself, however, can manifest as health, exuberance and beauty.



Fear is unnecessary

If you are fearful, it is because you do not believe in your power, and you do not believe in your integrity. Fear is faith in the negative. When you experience fear, turn your thoughts towards those things that will bring you Joy and confidence.

Do not immediately repress or deny an emotion. First recognized the emotion and discover the belief it is coming from.

You can always trace an emotion back to a belief or thought that caused the emotion. Once you do that you know who the culprit is. Then you have the power, because then you can deal with the true traitor in your mind.

Recognize the emotion and its source, and then after a second or two imagine yourself plucking it out or pulling it out like you would a weed from a garden. Then state what you believe, or the true reality or positive thought you would rather manifest. Then state that because you have firm belief in the positive that that will become your new reality.

If you do this correctly, the old situation that brought you fear or discomfort will dissolve.


Changing fear reactions changes your reality

Fear reactions to anything that is an emotionally charged issue for you carry energy that can manifest exactly what you fear most.

Our automatic negative emotional reaction to any problem adds negative energy to the situation. If there are other people involved, they feel your fear, and this adds to their own confusion and distortions around the issues.

In other words, fear felt strongly in you can evoke similar emotions in others. This can evoke distrust of you and disbelief in the truth, or the positive.

Any time when people pick up fear or negative emotions it elicits reactions from them that tend to make the situation worse. Your emotions and beliefs tend to cause reactions in-keeping with those emotions and beliefs. This is because you are directly connected to other people through telepathic pathways.

When you change the energy dynamic you alter the outer situation.


Believe in yourself & your strength

Believe in yourself in your own strength. Believe me when I say that you have integrity and can trust yourself.

Your conscious mind can change its internal thought patterns and thereby cause a different flow of energy and intelligence towards the objective of creating what you want in life.




The inner self, your soul, what you are is powerful, and every thought and emotion you have is incredibly powerful and moving. That is why confidence and positive thoughts like joy have a vast amount of energy behind them.

Strongly felt joy has the ability to transform your entire life. Your emotions are that powerful.

Do not ever forget your power, and do not neglect it. Do not throw it away or waste it. Always come back to your strength, your power and your joy. If you do that, you will be fine, and you will always prevail.



Acquire knowledge




ePub: (eBook)

Enables you to succeed in all areas and in all ways.


With a magic genie inside you, anything is possible.


Waste no time with this powerful guide. Get the single-most important key to liberate yourself from all limitations. At $3.99, this is your best option to test the principles in this website without spending a lot of money. I created the book for this reason, to help people that do not want or cannot spend a lot to get out of their difficult situations. Available in paperback also.


Link to Amazon: International 5 STAR Review:


Reviewed in the United Kingdom on March 9, 2020

Verified Purchase

I have read many reviews on many books which rave about the content. However, this is the book which sets it all out: scientifically describing how we create reality. Go on ,I dare you, pick it up and read it…you won’t, no can’t , be left in the same place when you have finished it. Essential information is contained within. You have been warned!!




Also available in paperback.



For a limited time, purchase of any paperback comes with free author guidance. After purchasing book, contact William Eastwood at  Must be 18 or older.


Understanding will change the world as we know it.

The complete philosophy on the four EN sites is universally applicable; meaning it can potentially solve every kind of problem. There is starvation in the world... children suffering... conflicts to be resolved (see: EN mission statement).

Because Earth Network websites are funded through book sales, when you buy a book, consider it a donation helping people around the world (see: Mission Great Civilization).




Aspects of classical physics have been disproven. Matter and consciousness are the same thing.

We are joining forces with top physicists in a break from established thinking to create a new kind of science to bring people the answers they deserve.

The multifaceted solution — the unveiling of new science  — is outlined in our about us page (below).



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Your senses project your reality and then perceive that reality.


If it is validation you are looking for, how about 5 Nobel Prize winner’s confirmation.


You are in control of your experience. At any time, matter can be completely changed by the activation of conscious thought. Your environment is a product of your thoughts and emotions. By projecting the specific thoughts and emotions that embody your desires you can immediately begin a process of change.


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About us.


William Eastwood lineage.



Einstein and Books by William Eastwood
Albert Einstein.


“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

— Albert Einstein


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Redefining Science


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Lead page of affiliated sites.

Mind Forms Matter Links

New paper published by Science Advances

“Science Advances” reports in November 2019, “The scientific method relies on facts…. In quantum mechanics the objectivity…”  continue reading

If you are not a scientist, this article in “The Conversation,” explains how each person creates their own facts.

These articles tell us that reality is subjective.

However, the sciences are isolated in that other fields of science do not communicate well if at all with quantum physicists in order to come up with a consensus as to the true nature of reality.

As a result, we live in a confused, disjointed world of myth that continues largely unchallenged. Other scientists in fields outside of physics and the world as a whole goes its merry way oblivious to the fact that they are organizing their thoughts and theories according to bygone science and myth. Other scientists, doctors, attorneys, psychologists, etc., base their work on classical physics and a toxic soup of materialism, Darwinistic and Freudian psychology, lineal time, cause and effect and other myths.

The result is a confused world and civilization which has no consensus as to what reality really is. Who pays the price? We all suffer in our lives as a result.

Consciousness creates matter. We create facts by what we believe, think and feel.

The scientific facts and proof that consciousness creates matter are right in front of us. Don’t rely on others, however, find out for yourself by applying and testing these concepts in your life.

Mind exercise will take off like the exercise craze did in the 1970's.

No one wants to believe it, but physicists have their hands on the door nob. There are signs that the rush through the door is already beginning. Get the scientific proof and facts of how consciousness creates matter, at the leading site, Thoughts Create Matter. The facts are right in front of us.

Or, you may want to start your journey with an excellent beginner’s article on this site explaining how consciousness forms matter and mind forms reality.

The human being is not what anyone thinks.

Not psychologists, not doctors, not lawyers or anyone that is scripted in our civilization’s main myths. The multidimensional human soul is as different from the one-dimensional self as the round earth is different from the flat universe.

There is a movement away from the dark myths

Anyone who is a people person, kind and polite is aware of the facts.

For health and the altruistic movement by William Eastwood, visit thoughts form matter complimentary site.

I am baffled by the official definitions of consciousness on the web

Is is mind-boggling how stuck the world of experts are in the one-dimensional thinking of mainstream academia. Thoughts form matter has a great article on this: The brain does not produce consciousness.

I have an answer and article for everyone

Keep reading until the message sinks in. Then when you forget the facts, read again! Thoughts affect matter & influence events suggested reading.

Go to the new paradigm article to get your mind over matter facts.

For books go to off the charts TCM book page or MFM book page.

If you have you ever thought, do my thoughts influence matter, reality, people and events?, click here.

Extended articles of merit

Our civilization's most cherished, seemingly ironclad law of cause and affect is a myth

There is no time as we know it. There is only a spacious present. Continuity is a result of consistency of thought. The past does not create the present. Reality is completely destroyed and recreated millions of times a second.

If you are convinced your past determines your present, then you are bound by what you perceive to be the ironclad law of cause and effect. You can and should escape the stifling confines of belief in cause and effect.

The content in my sites explain how.

See: Are time and space an illusion? Is this the only reality or do other parallel inner dimensions exist?

Top physicists know that thoughts create matter, but...

Top physicists know that the facts prove that consciousness creates matter, but the rest of us are slow to learn, including people who are highly educated in the old paradigm.

When we are educated and scripted in the false  scientific worldview of materialism, Darwinism and psychology, it can be difficult to escape the mass-hypnosis. But a lot of people are getting close to figuring it all out.

Consciousness and matter are electromagnetic fields which form electrons which compose events.

Do real wizards exist, and if so, can I learn how to become a real wizard?

When I was very young I used to fly around our family home in my astral body. And until the age of about ten I could focus on inanimate objects at night and will them into small animals that I would watch scurrying around my bedroom. Now I am helping to create a new future for humanity. If these achievements don’t make me a wizard, I don’t know what does.

Real wizards do exist and you can learn to become one.

William Eastwood’s early life experience and how to use your mind over matter mind power to manifest.


Recommended site: Thoughts create matter




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Spiritual Consciousness Websites & Books on How to Raise Your Energy: Find Higher Awareness & New Way of Life

We are entering a spiritual age of awakening in which the main goal is to raise our energy and refine our beliefs. This is a personal and social evolution of a new spiritual consciousness.

The process begins when we begin to notice coincidences in our lives. This will occur when we raise our energy with positive thinking and through metaphysical principles of giving attention to that which we are bringing into existence.




The concepts conveyed in this website are within these books.

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