What are some positive thinking strategies?

Positive Thinking Strategies

Develop these positive thinking skills to help you achieve your goals.

  1. Avoid black and white thinking and exaggerating problems.
  2. Halt negative thoughts immediately upon feeling negative emotion.
  3. Make corrections to your thinking and poor moods immediately.
  4. Look for the positive always.
  5. Know that it is okay to make mistakes and fall down, that’s life.
  6. Don’t talk down to or bully yourself!
  7. Encourage, coach, love and cherish yourself.
  8. Lose the guilt, fear or just lazy negative attitudes and moods.
  9. Do not blame yourself for how other people treat you,  you are responsible only for you.
  10. Understand that you create your reality with your beliefs, thoughts and emotions — own your power.
  11. Enjoy the magic of the moment and create your life as an artist creates a masterpiece.

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A rainbow represents the range of colorful beliefs, thoughts and emotions that you can use to change your reality

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