CREATE MY DREAM: Order Paradise – Success – Money – Wealth – Freedom

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CREATE MY DREAM: Order Paradise – Success – Money – Wealth – Freedom

EN, or Earth Network is short for Global Earth Network International Education (GENIE).

WILLIAM EASTWOOD: Author / Publisher: Biography - Humanitarian Efforts to Assist Humanity.

My life’s devotion is to a new world education system, new field of science, world advance, a reformed society and institutions, & to allocate humanitarian aid to where it is needed most in the world.

At age 13, I designed solar inventions with Yale Professor, Everett Barber & I designed solar homes on my own.

At age 37, I Founded Earth Network Inc. to solve global problems - 50% of its revenue went to Feed the Children.

I have published a course on metaphysics to help people create what they want in life. I have published articles on climate change, ocean level rise, quantum biology, philosophy, and US Supreme Court & Non-profit legislative proposals.

In 2017, I published The Solution to All of Humanity’s Problems & The Secret to Creating the Life You Want.

In 2018 I published:

1) You Are a Beautiful Person - Key to Freedom.

2) Mind Power for Success Guaranteed - Mind Over Matter for Money, Success and Health.

EN is the vehicle to implement the knowledge and answers given in "The Solution..." Scientific validation thoughts create matter by Nobel Prize winners. Consciousness creates reality. Teaching application of principles to allow you to create your desires. Free library. Your thoughts create your reality. Gain serious & very real metaphysical knowledge to manifest money & desires. 43 years deep study into multidimensionality and the secrets of the universe. Mind forms matter. Scientific application of principles. Teaching scientific application of mind over matter principles to allow you to create your desires. Free library. Your thoughts create your reality. Same type of content as above two sites with additional health related content. Contains warnings about the dangers of Western medicine. Gives you the knowledge you need for perfect health and a successful life.

I Want to Get You a Real Education. So I created the REAL SCHOOL: The Metaphysics Solution for Learning. Get an education at a fun school that teaches truth. Learn metaphysics, philosophy, Conscious Creation and manifesting here.

Metaphysical sites are designed to help you create your dreams, goals, success, money or desire.




APPLICATION OF PRINCIPLES: CREATE MY DREAM: Order Paradise – Success – Money – Wealth – Freedom

You power is in the present moment. You must feel your complete power of creation in the moment-point. To do that you must conceive of yourself as being in the spacious present rather than moving across time from past to present.

Forget lineal time. Do not rely on cause and effect. All probabilities are immediately available to you.

Do not think you have to know every step to your goal, and to consciously direct all events to materialize your wish.

Your inner self will bring your goal to pass. You don’t have to worry about how it will do that. The process is taken care of for you.

Your inner self will first look at your entire life situation and then determine how it will best happen, and when. If what you are asking for is in fitting with your nature and character it will be forthcoming, but you may not be able to control when it happens.

Things may need to happen first, or conditions may need to change. If you are asking for a whole new life and reality, you may need to be at a different point in your life and development.

If you properly create your goal in imagination it will be created instantaneously, but you will have to catch up to it in time. However, there is an immediate or overnight effect of being on track. The cells register it as a future condition, and the future condition changes the past state in such a way as to bring about what you are asking for.

You just read a sample preview of preliminary material for my next book.


CREATE MY DREAM: Order Paradise – Success – Money – Wealth – Freedom


Contemplate the miracle of life

EN: Altruistic Humanitarian Efforts to Assist Humanity.

This site. METAPHYSICAL BOOKS THE SOLUTION Book Review Why Trump was Elected

Other sites.

Thoughts Create Matter REAL SCHOOL Thoughts Form Matter


WORLD SOLUTIONS: New Education Initiative & Metaphysics School.


You create your reality with your thoughts


You have it made.



The Solution to All of Humanity's Problems & The Secret to Creating the Life You Want.

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People used to think the earth was flat. As a civilization we pride ourselves on having moved beyond this misconception. But civilization is making just as great a mistake. You may not be, but the majority are. THIS IS THE SOLUTION

In an interactive universe, when you change your thoughts, your life changes.This is because your beliefs, thoughts and emotions are energy that influence and create matter and the events you experience.

Get the solution to all problems. Whatever it is you want, it can be done. Read more…     Buy now...

Underlying problems.

  • EN and this website are based on the concepts in this book.
  • This book reveals the underlying causes of world problems and pain and suffering globally.


I am going to make an effort to end crime and poverty internationally. You are buying into a cause to feed starving children and end pain and suffering when you buy this book. Please help me to do this.


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Live life more fully.

Your life is magic.



To change any element of the movie you call life, you have to change your thinking. Altering the mind alters your life. There is no other way to change your life.


MIND FORMS MATTER CONTACT PAGE: CREATE MY DREAM: Order Paradise – Success – Money – Wealth – Freedom.





Civilization's progress depends on the realization that consciousness creates matter.


A Positive Mind & Emotions Create Positive Events.

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