THE SOLUTION TO ALL OF HUMANITY’S PROBLEMS & The Secret to Creating the Life You Want


THE SOLUTION TO ALL OF HUMANITY’S PROBLEMS & The Secret to Creating the Life You Want.

$19.57 in paperback.


People used to think the earth was flat. As a civilization we pride ourselves on having moved beyond this misconception. But civilization is making just as great a mistake. You may not be, but the majority are.

In an interactive universe, when you change your thoughts, your life changes. This is because your beliefs, thoughts and emotions are energy that influence and create matter and the events you experience.

Whatever it is you want, it can be done. Read more…

Underlying problems.

  • EN and this website are based on the concepts in this book.
  • This book reveals the underlying causes of social problems and how they restrict society and individuals.


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eBook version

The Solution to All of Humanity’s Problems & The Secret to Creating the Life You Want.

$5.99 in deluxe eBook format.


Same content as above version. Revealing the single issue holding humanity back. 

We can literally change the course of civilization by lifting the race to a higher path through implementing the solution. — Mario Fusco TP.D, RS.D, BS.c


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