President Trump & the Russian mob

When president Trump was facing bankruptcy he appealed to the Russian mob to bail him out. Once the Russian mob gives you loans they own you. In Russia the mob and the government work together. They have a policy of blackmailing those they work with and Trump is no exception.

Trump sponsored a beauty pageant in Russia, and knowing Trump, I can speculate as to what they have on him. The pageant was financed by a Russian billionaire who is close to Putin.

Trump likely has business dealings with Russia that are highly illegal. Trump is running his Presidency like a mob organization and his conduct is as degrading and horrific as the lowliest inmates in high security segregation units in America’s prisons.

The German people were not aware of what Hitler was really doing, and his true motives. Now many Americans are unaware of what Trump is doing, and his true motives.

Why Trump was Elected