BILLIONAIRE BELIEFS: Secret Formula to Manifest Wealth: How Mind Creates Money, Success & Great Fortune

Mind can and does form matter. Thoughts create reality.

BILLIONAIRE BELIEFS: Secret Formula to Manifest Wealth: How Mind Creates Money, Success & Great Fortune

  • What do billionaires believe?
  • Is there a secret billionaire belief formula to manifest wealth?
  • How can I use my mind (beliefs) to create money, success and great fortune?

I will answer these questions now.


Billionaires are not sheep. They are not followers. They think independently and are willing to consider new ideas to create even more wealth. They use beliefs like others use tools. Beliefs are tools to create billions.

Billionaires believe that they have what it takes. Most millionaires and almost all billionaires enjoy making money and expect to make money and be successful. But most importantly, billionaires have powerful out-of-the-box beliefs.

You have to believe! To become a millionaire or a billionaire you have to know what you want, you have to focus both your mind and efforts on getting it, and you have to believe.

If you do not apply new nonclassical science to create money and wealth, the odds of becoming a millionaire or billionaire are greatly reduced. If you do not realize that your beliefs literally create your reality, you know nothing. If you know nothing you can still get lucky, but you have no real control over outcomes.

With the beliefs that come with the new field of science you can control what happens in your life. Only a fraction of a fraction of the population know how to apply these principles for insured success.



Do scientists say that mind forms matter?
Many top physicists do know that thoughts create matter and reality


It is the rest of science, media and the world who do not want to listen to what they are saying.


Max Plank.
Max Planck, Nobel Prize Winning father of quantum mechanics says, “I regard matter as a derivative from consciousness.” The Observer, 1931.


Max Tegmark (Click button for MIT paper)

Max Tegmark says mind forms matter and matter has consciousness.
Max Tegmark.


Max Tegmark of MIT, says that consciousness is a state of matter.





In 1938, Einstein writes,

It seems as though we must use sometimes the one theory and sometimes the other, while at times we may use either. We are faced with a new kind of difficulty. We have two contradictory pictures of reality; separately neither of them fully explains the phenomena of light, but together they do.

— Albert Einstein, Leopold Infeld (1938). The Evolution of Physics: The Growth of Ideas from Early Concepts to Relativity and Quanta. Cambridge University Press.


The scientific proof and facts are overwhelming

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If we extend Einstein’s suggestion above to several sources of knowledge, we come to a new understanding of reality itself.  To make sense of the discoveries of David Bohm and other scientists we need to gather together everything they are saying and put it together in a new way to bring us to a new picture of reality that makes sense.

If we combine certain popular theories in quantum physics, they all point in the same direction. That is precisely what my philosophy does. But I am not a scientist. I am a humanitarian, philosopher and visionary who wants to help you understand and apply a basic life philosophy that can be used to solve problems and achieve goals.


Thoughts can and do create matter. Learn how to manifest your thoughts.
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Each physicist’s theory represents one important piece of the puzzle. If you combine them in the way I have done, they lead us to where we need to be. They lead us to a unique understanding of reality that is so crystal clear and obvious, that we no longer need the science to convince us that this is the correct worldview.

Your thoughts can and do create your reality. The philosophy I teach is so simple and clear that anyone can apply it. In simple and clear terms, I tell you everything you need to know to create whatever it is you want most in life.

My philosophy, while based on the best science in the world today, is not for scientists, it is for ordinary people who want to improve their lives.

If you just want to achieve goals I can help you.

William Eastwood of Earth Network brings you what you need to know to create the life you want.

You can get lost trying to understand consciousness by reading scientific articles. I offer links to some excellent scientific studies as a courtesy to you only. I know in simple terms that the physical world is a projection we each create with our own consciousness. If four people enter a room, there are four rooms. I figured that out over four decades ago.

Consciousness is irreducible and is both individualized and part of an unbroken field. Quantum mechanics is the study of that field of energy. Your consciousness has very deep, eternal meaning that cannot be measured with a ruler, and so all scientific studies will miss that part of the picture.

All consciousness is of an equal, amazingly high grade; and just so you know, your personality and individuality will never be lost. Who you are will survive death. I am not a religious person, because I will add that you are also good, and most religions will say you are evil.

Ignorance is separation from truth, and it is the closest thing there is to evil. Our civilization has been based on separation from truth for centuries and we therefore do not even know where we come from! That shows just how ignorant we are.

Our civilization has been reading reality backwards for thousands of years. You cannot understand reality by looking at the physical world because that world is a consciousness hologram that you are creating. If you follow most scientists, they will just get you more confused.

I provide hundreds of articles and over a dozen books in plain English, and you do not need to be a scientist to understand any of it. Use your heart and intuition. All knowledge is within you, and you are a portion of the Divine consciousness that forms everything. You are forever safe and loved, and this will never change, not for a billion years.

For those who are interested I often begin my articles with some science because it is important to use your intellect. For something to be true it must make sense to you both intellectually and intuitively.

— William Eastwood


You do not have to be confused by the science. My books will open the door to understanding and will allow you to create your own reality to match exactly what you have decided you want in your clearest moments.

There a path that leads to a new civilization. Understanding will change the world as we know it. Either we accept new knowledge and thrive individually and collectively or we become overtaken by violence and other problems and spiral into our demise. Fortunately, we do have free will.




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Yes, there is a secret billionaire belief formula to manifest wealth and become a millionaire or billionaire. You must not be restrained by the myths  (false beliefs) of classical science. Ignorance will only get you nowhere fast. But if your eyes glimmer with visions of gold, power, love and wealth, and you apply the proper formula, it will work as predictably as gravity does.



45 years of research goes into every book






“Consciousness creates reality and thoughts form matter! If you want to be powerful you have to go by the facts about reality and that means discovering the truth! Otherwise, you are as blind as a bat and ineffective as a sloth!

The new science can help us rescript and clear the mind of all the programs that prevent our success.


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Beliefs make you powerful or weak. Beliefs are the secret to great success, happiness and wealth. Here we will expand your beliefs about reality. We will expand what you believe is possible for you to achieve. From now on, you will believe you can be a millionaire and then a billionaire.

If you believe you have a problem, you do. If you do not believe you have a problem, you do not. However, people have many beliefs. For every affirmative belief you have, you also have an opposite or countering belief, even if it is in a dormant state. Therefore, the secret is to control your mind and move your focus to whatever supports the positive beliefs within you.


Whether you are a billionaire, millionaire, or just paying the bills, your mind holds the key. The mind is very powerful. Your beliefs, thoughts and emotions create your reality.

The laws that govern manifestation do not differentiate between large and small sums of money. The only thing that can limit how much you can manifest are your own beliefs. The idea, then, is to believe it is easy to manifest any amount desired.


“Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible.”

— Albert Einstein





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You will become a millionaire or billionaire only if you decide you are going to be a millionaire or billionaire.

It is not suffering and hard work that creates billionaires, great fortune, wealth and success. Your mind is the secret key that creates money, wealth, success and great fortune. Struggle and suffering only creates more of the same.

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Studies on how the wealthy have achieved their success have revealed that getting rich is all about what you think and what you believe about making money.  This just confirms the metaphysical principles that govern what does and does not manifest.

It is not all about luck or grueling work, it is about your ability to believe, visualize, affirm and applying metaphysical principles correctly. According to the studies I have reviewed, for billionaires, it is about dreaming grand goals and the excitement and thrill of the chase.

The wealthiest, most successful people think differently, and this is how they become rich and successful. For billionaires making money is always a thrill and an exciting challenge. It doesn’t feel like work at all. But because the thrill is so intense, they cannot stop working. It is fun, well-thought-out work. It’s never grueling. And they make their own luck

Be inspired and on-fire.


A website article and book.


In a Yale study, one of the first things discovered was that it was not lack of desire that held people back from becoming wealthy and successful, it was their lack of belief in their own ability to make it happen.

First and foremost, billionaires believe in their own ability to achieve their goals. Confidence is critical for successful manifesting.

Believe in yourself and your ability to create the life you envision. Affirm you can manifest what you want. Affirm that the principles you are applying will work for you.


Secret Formula to Manifest Wealth.  How the Mind Can Create Money, Success & Great Fortune.  Metaphysical Philosophy.  Metaphysical Techniques.  Materialize Money.  Manifest What Want In Life
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Dream as big as you want. 

Billionaires set their expectations unreasonably. While ordinary people set their financial expectations low so that they will not be disappointed, the rich set their expectations exceptionally high.

You cannot strike it rich and live your dreams without lofty expectations. The rich like the challenge that comes with high expectation.

You get what you expect is a well-known principle, yet the majority limit their lives to mediocrity in an effort to protect themselves from failure.



Manifest while you sleep book ebook



As soon as a wealthy person sets a grand goal, they immediately begin looking for ways to make things happen. They do not wait for things to happen, they make them happen, and their attitude is that making money is a game.

Learn to love the great challenge. Get going. Don’t ever hesitate. Dive right in. Go out and make it happen!


Photo by: Mickael Gresset.


Billionaire power.

It is not about being serious and stern. Misery and suffering never works.

I see business, life, and earning as a game I love to win, because that is what billionaires do.

Billionaires go to work every day even though they do not need to because they love chasing their next success.

Money to them is just a gauge that lets them know when they have achieved their latest goal.


The thrill and excitement of playing-the-game pushes them to continually raise their level of expectation. The more excited they get, the harder they work and the more they succeed.

Work is a product of the right mindset and not the primary secret, and that is the difference.

Work yourself up to the highest thinking you can achieve. When you do so, you will know what to do.



New cover.


Books that show us how to create what we want
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All your dreams are now manifesting as your reality!


Your experience is a product of your beliefs, thoughts and emotions. To create anything focus on the feeling of the wish fulfilled. This is a science and an art covered extensively in my articles and books

For practical knowledge that will allow you to apply the principles successfully, learn the science and read the books I wrote on manifesting money (below).


Introduction to the book that is the basis of EN and our websites.

From the upper echelons of the scientific establishment comes a completely new definition of reality and the human being. The most advanced physics in the world tells us that accumulated knowledge in all fields is based on a false premise.

Curriculum from grade school to university will need to be entirely overhauled. The end result will be a complete change in consciousness that will bring about a new human with entirely new ways of achieving goals and solving problems. The solution provides the blueprint for a new civilization and new human.

The book focuses on the underlying cause of personal and global problems and how they can be solved, whereas the websites offer free guidance for those who cannot afford the book.




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If you cannot afford the book at this time or are not familiar with the concepts, I have provided some recommended links below.

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BILLIONAIRE BELIEFS: Secret Formula to Manifest Wealth: How Mind Creates Money, Success & Great Fortune

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How I made a lot of money with metaphysics



SUCCESS IS REALLY MIND OVER MATTER: Unleash Your True – Powerful Self – Transform Your Reality – Self – Life!

Create money, wealth, success & great fortune with your mind now.



Quality time, relaxation and feeling good helps attract wealth and good fortune in general.


Wealth then creates more to feel good about and these qualities are magnetic to more success & good fortune.


Play is more magnetic to wealth than hard work.




Better rich than poor. Live a quality life & make your time on earth count.




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10 facts on how consciousness creates your reality/success/money/wealth.

BILLIONAIRE BELIEFS: Secret Formula to Manifest Wealth. How Mind Creates Money, Success & Great Fortune

The thrill and excitement of playing-the-game pushes them to continually raise their level of expectation. The more excited they get, the harder they work and the more they succeed.




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