Is saying something negative is positive a lie?

Anyone can complain and be negative.  It takes integrity to use positive thinking to change your situation.

Using positive thinking is exerting yourself to make beneficial changes in yourself, your life and the world.

Anger or negative thinking can spur you on to make changes, but those changes can only be made through consistent positive thinking, emotions and actions.

You create your own reality

Positive thinking and actions can be used to change your life  and events in a constructive way. Rather than react to events as if you cannot change them, you can use your power and ability to shape the events  of your life to your liking.

If, for example, you lose a great deal of money in a poor investment, you can look at the food in your refrigerator and compare your situation to that of people in other countries who do not have enough food.

When you look at the glass as half-full rather than half empty your thinking and emotions become more positive as a result. When you do this you are generating positive energy. This energy then influences other people in a beneficial way that helps them to be more positive.

The positive energy within you also manifests as events and objects of a beneficial nature in your life.

All situations are neutral until we judge them

Both negative and positive ways of looking at any given aspect of our life or reality are equally true. Nothing is really positive or negative. These are judgments that come from humans.

Negative or positive does not apply until we make a decision how we will interpret a given situation. When we interpret something in light of the positive perspective that is what becomes our personal reality. When we interpret it in light of the negative perspective that is what becomes our reality.

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