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William Eastwood was born on March 28, 1963 in Northampton, Massachusetts. He moved to Connecticut at age five where he was introduced to metaphysics at that early age. He describes himself as a normal blond-haired, brown-eyed, boy who said the Pledge of Allegiance every day in school, which included the words “freedom and justice for all,” and then returned home to tramp the woods around his middle-class home in the beautiful shoreline town of Madison, Connecticut in the 1970’s.

William Eastwood was introduced to metaphysics at about age five. Before he was ten he was coached according the prolific Seth books written by Jane Roberts. Some attribute the New Age movement itself to these incredible books. Beginning in grammar school he was achieving. At age 10 William was performing in public in an ensemble of adult musicians. At age 12 he was awarded the Presidential Physical Fitness Award.

In the 1970’s he tested his metaphysical philosophy with phenomenal results. At 13 he worked on a solar invention for Yale professor, Everett Barber. A year later he sold solar home plans directly from his freshman classroom in high school. At age 15 his 80% solar heated and air-conditioned homes he designed were built in Madison, CT. William was coined “The Kid with the Sun in His Eyes” by the Madison, CT Shore Line Times. The whole front page of the newspaper was devoted to him. Before his 18th birthday he was a licensed, CT certified solar technician, the youngest in the state.

At age nineteen, the solar systems William Eastwood both designed and manufactured were being distributed by New England’s biggest wholesaler of heating and cooling systems, The American Supply Company. By age 25, he owned three large homes along the Maine coast.

At age 27 William Eastwood gave up his homes to live a minimalist lifestyle that would enable him to channel all his resources into his life’s mission.

“My vision was of a clean and natural paradise on earth, devoid of war, crime, disease and suffering, and instead rich in love and joyful fulfillment, a world in which everyone could realize their heart’s desires. As grand as that vision was, through the 80’s and 90’s I channeled all my energy and resources to create an educational institution that could enlighten civilization to bring about that kind of future for humanity.”

In 2000 William Eastwood founded EN (Earth Network of Altruistic Autonomous Individuals, Inc., a full-scale, three board member educational stock corporation). The purpose of EN was to provide a means to implement his plan to solve personal, social and global problems to bring about his vision of a new human and civilization. Eastwood wanted to help people create their dreams and realize his vision of an ideal future for humanity.

William Eastwood says: “At age thirty-seven, days after incorporating, my investor told me to go to Florida where I could work full-time without distraction.

I had done this off and on for a decade already, and wanted more than anything to do what my investor suggest. In my earlier trips to Florida, my best memories are of mornings in paradise, going swimming in a spring-fed lake, then sitting on a towel in my bathing suit in front of an air conditioner using my laptop. I still reminisce sitting in a lawn-chair besides the rolling waves of the pristine blue Gulf of Mexico. I planned EN on a lawn chair on white coral sand under palm trees and surrounded by subtropical gardens and exotic birds. Nothing could improve on that lifestyle—swimming in or exploring paradise with those I loved, and the whole time working on my mission to liberate humanity.

“I was about to step into the full-fledged dream of a lifetime, or so I thought.”

William Eastwood says it is not our human nature that is causing social problems, rather it is degrading beliefs about our human nature that are causing virtually all our personal and global problems. Through the lens of traditional beliefs we read our nature wrong and create a false, powerless, degraded self, when in truth we are powerful, beautiful souls.

In 2000 the government seized Eastwood’s educational stock corporation, property and life’s work, publishing his personal writing (which explored and was based on the above-mentioned proposition). Yet he proved the power and correctness of his philosophy by ultimately prevailing.

EN’s office and free press were silenced by the government. William’s attempts to retrieve EN, his property, evidence and home were repeatedly blocked. Ironically, the officials who did this interpreted William’s nature and writing through the very false beliefs William set out to change through his new corporation, EN. His free press and voice was silenced by the government.

The U.S. Constitution places the highest possible sacred value on a person’s home, thoughts, and private papers, establishing that these entities are beyond the reach of the government (see U.S. v. Curtin, [9th cir. Court, 2007]). William’s federal and state constitutional (freedom of expression/speech/press/religion/ privacy) rights were violated, according to his attorney, by allowing a governmental body to impermissibly intrude into extensive private records of written thoughts, dreams, fiction writing and private papers with the ability to utilize those entities in order to gain conviction(s).

Demonizing a person who is trying to help humanity is a particularly cruel thing to do. However, anyone who can survive this kind of assault to go on to succeed at the highest levels has to have truly astounding strength and resolve, as well as a highly workable philosophy and clear thinking.

Fortunately, as you probably realized, he prevailed, or you would not be reading this page on this EN website.

The website and his books proved his philosophy worked, because the philosophy conveyed in them is the same philosophy that produced them.

William says: “I achieved what I wanted most in my life despite the full brunt of powerful agencies representing the world’s official worldview pitted against me.

“I succeeded despite very powerful opposition with multi-department resources. I tested my philosophy under the worst circumstances and it worked. I prevailed. With my three books published and these four great websites as proof, I am experiencing a classic acceleration.

“With the same philosophy I used, you too can transform yourself and your life in any way you wish, solve any problem, and get out of any unwanted circumstance. From where you are now you can overcome any problem, and go on to create your dreams.

“We are all gods in training. Either we learn the truth about reality or suffer needlessly.

“I have great faith in people and love humanity and the earth, or I would not be creating EN.

“I know you can’t change a person’s beliefs unless they want to change them. I don’t try to change people’s beliefs. But I have always insisted that I have the right to offer an alternative view—that my message to the world at least be made available.

Every person has the right to be exposed to the metaphysical paradigm so they can decide for themselves what is or isn’t true.

An introduction to the facts should take place before enculturation and schooling locks young people in to a false and destructive worldview.”

“I hope you enjoy the website. Don’t ever stop learning. All your dreams will come true!

The William Eastwood true story

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