Can I trust myself & determine my own destiny?

The self can be trusted!

Amidst all the chaos that many people experience in the world, it is often a challenge to trust yourself. Yet it is true that you do control your destiny.  You are in full control whether you realize it or not .

Can I Trust Myself & Control My Destiny?

Do not judge yourself according to what others think

The most doubting aspects of the self looks at the mess that the world is in and blames himself. But you must not blame yourself.

We may have internalized the collective opinion, but we are not it. We are individuals.

As an individual it is our responsibility to stand on the firm short of our own being. We must separate ourselves from the ineffective beliefs of society and build a new more secure and stable belief system.

The old belief system is false. It takes away your power and integrity if you let it.  It can cause you to fail and feel fear and guilt.

Our official mainstream line of thought is a belief system that doesn’t give the individual control and power over their circumstances, but makes them a victim. This is a false worldview, and it is this false worldview that is leading to individual and collective problems.

You must build your own solid belief system. You must search out from what you find those beliefs that have integrity and serve you best.

We have to navigate through a world that is based on a model of reality that is false.

The fact of your existence implies that you are couched safely within your own spiritual or deeper being. Our institutions are failing the individual. The world’s opinions will tend to lead you away from  yourself and the deeper integrity of existence and spirit itself.

To make your own way you have to stand on the firm short of your own spiritual integrity. You must trust the self you are.

It is the new belief system that I teach here that represents the hope of humanity. The solution to all of humanity’s problems is to adopt a new more wholesome belief system that works to the advantage  of all.

CIVILIZATION'S CORE MYTH Distrust of Human Nature

Why the whole world suffers!

inner controlling judge and victim
Man pointing finger depicts the inner judge within people that holds them back.

Onlr in 100 people are free!

The Inner Judge & Victim Control Us