10a The Solution feature presentation


All the limitations and suffering in the world come from the great myths of modern man. Without awareness of the problem, we remain puppets of collective belief. If we ignore the warning and continue to take the risk of complacency we will still experience the consequences. We must actively do something about the problem.

If we cleanse civilization of these myths and teach the new consciousness science paradigm and trust of our nature and our goodness, a different, more beautiful world than we can now fathom will evolve.

Know what the myths are so that you can avoid them and help others to do the same. Everything in “The Solution…” applies directly to you and affects your ability to create a positive life. We must release these myths in order to live productive and happy lives.

Here and now we have the power to work magic of such proportions we have never fathomed. Yet unseized, such power waits for us to claim it. It is of no use until we awaken to it. It is all here, in the solution.