MIND FORMS MATTER: Resource & Tool for Reprogramming the Mind: Create a New Self & Far Better Life


Mind can and does form matter. Thoughts create reality.

ENYour mind can and does form matter,” says William Eastwood, who worked with a Yale University professor at a private research facility at age 13.

MIND FORMS MATTER: Resource & Tool for Reprogramming the Mind: Create a New Self & Far Better Life

  • Does mind form matter?
  • What is a resource and tool for reprogramming the mind?
  • How do I create a new self and far better life?


Does mind form matter?

Yes, your mind can and does form matter. The five Nobel Prize winners quoted below tell us that our mind forms matter. Our thoughts create our reality.


David Bohm, friend of Einstein-comments-Mind-forms-creates-matter-proof-facts-David-Bohm-273
David Bohm, friend of Einstein.

Physicist David Bohm, — who Albert Einstein called “a kindred spirit,” and who’s Ph.D. thesis being top secret and classified — was awarded at the University of California at Berkeley by no other than Robert Oppenheimer — tells us that everything is connected and that each person’s physical life is a holographic projection of the mind.

William Eastwood discovered that the universe was a projection of the mind in the 1970’s when he was only twelve years old. Eastwood began TESTING holographic reality principles in his youth, years before Bohm even published Wholeness and the Implicate Order” in 1980.

Eastwood may have been the first to test the science.

The results of his study are now available to you

45 years of research is available here through a special audio goal delivery system, twenty books, hundreds of free articles and daily affirmations from the study.

Our audio goal-delivery-system

An audio goal delivery system by William Eastwood.

“How Do I Make This the Best Day Ever? Manifest While You Sleep,” is a studio-produced audio book delivery system that can be used to achieve any goal. It is scientifically designed to replace the entire paradigm of materialism and all the limitations and dangers resulting. With it you will be able to manifest what you want in life. Further description can be found here.

The entire content of the audio goal delivery system is posted piecemeal one day at a time on our daily affirmation and guidance page. Each day we post a different section of the audio book.

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Because our mind and senses project, perceive and experience our physical reality, we can change our reality by changing what we project. That can be done by changing our beliefs. However, because old beliefs die hard, reprogramming our mind to create a new self and far better life can sometimes be difficult. No worry, this website, our books, affirmations and our goal delivery system are all designed with that purpose in mind.

This website page explains how it is achieved below.


What is Causing all the Problems in Our World Today? Your Path to Personal Power understanding holographic reality
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By purchasing through Lulu.com (above) you get these books DIRECTLY FROM THE MANUFACTURER and cut out the middleman! — most reliable source — fastest delivery — lowest price.



By purchasing through Lulu.com (above) you get these books DIRECTLY FROM THE MANUFACTURER and cut out the middleman! — most reliable source — fastest delivery — lowest price.



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I recommend everyone read this article (below).

A MindFormsMatter.com website article.

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A MindFormsMatter.com website article.
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Be sure to read my story. When I began applying these principles almost 50 years ago, I experienced fantastic success. But then something happened, and I was forced to devise a process by which I could overcome my dilemma to succeed once again. Scroll down for that information and the five Nobel Prize winner’s quotes.

Your worldview creates your reality

Your worldview is your belief system. Your beliefs largely determine the nature of your thoughts and emotions and all three create your reality.

Your worldview generates beliefs that fit it, and then those beliefs manifest as the events you experience. If you think people are rotten, for example, then “people are rotten” thoughts will manifest. The events you experience will be manifestations of your worldview.

Negative emotions will reinforce negative thoughts and beliefs. Those emotions will cement negative experiences in place, making them harder to change.

If you are like 99.99% of the people in the world today, your worldview is based on materialism. For the majority, a lifetime of thinking has reinforced the basic ideas inherent in materialism. To successfully create what you want in life you will need to replace all of that.

What is a resource and tool for reprogramming the mind?

Our free articles, daily affirmations, books and goal delivery system in particular, are a resource and tool for reprogramming the mind. Forty-five years of research and application go into the guidance and affirmations we give you here to reprogram your mind. If you are determined to succeed and change your life, you can create a new self and far better life by freely exploring the content on this site to learn what must be done to achieve your goals.

How do I create a new self and far better life?

You can learn how to create a new self and far better life here. We show you how to do it based on new science and 45-years of study and research applying and testing the principles given here. They will work under any circumstances, no matter what your life situation is.

To create a new self and far better life you must apply the principles given here properly. But if you make the effort and do the work, you will get results. Positive thinking is its own reward. This work feels good when it is done correctly, so I am not asking you to do anything that will not make you feel great from the minute you start.

To implant a new worldview in your mind requires reprogramming. That is theoretically easy to do but often difficult in reality because your beliefs are protective. The old beliefs that are creating all your problems in life will re-exert themselves at certain points in your life.


For more on the negative beliefs associated with mainstream worldviews, click icon below.

A MindOverMatterPower.com website article.


The universe is governed by universal principles. These are laws that are like gravity in that they are constant and always operate. You can rely on them in the same way you can rely on gravity. Positive thinking will therefore always work. However, positive thinking can arouse contrary beliefs that lead to negative thinking, even if this happens on an inner level in the mind.

When you learn a new worldview and positive thinking (by reading my articles, books and affirmations), you will reach a point where you recognize the accuracy of the material on an intellectual level before you internalize it on an emotional level. First you understand and accept the new paradigm intellectually. Then you accept it emotionally. Emotional acceptance is powerful and effective. Great things start happening in your life when you internalize these concepts.

If it were really as easy to reprogram as most of us would have us believe, that would be the end of it. But that’s not the case. The problem is that you don’t usually get rid of all the old beliefs in your mind the minute you become positive or the moment you recognize that the new paradigm is more accurate than materialism. The old beliefs that have held you back in the past tend to hang-on. They tend to remain with you but on an inner level. They often just take a back-seat to your new ideas. It may even be as if they are hiding in your subconscious, but you can sense them by what you feel. Negative emotions that seem to come from nowhere have their origin from within your inner mind. For most people those old beliefs will re-exert themselves not long after they change their thinking, become more positive, focus on what they want and adopt a new worldview. That resurgence of negative or limiting beliefs usually happens in a difficult time of your life or when someone or something triggers a regression.

Conventional beliefs do this because they are cult-like. Mainstream worldviews deny you your power. When you take hold of that power, they will often fight you.


MindOverMatterPower.com website article.


When President Obama was elected, everything looked great for the Democrats, but then Trump was elected, and it seemed that all was lost. This same kind of scenario plays out in the mind. When your core beliefs change, it means you have new leadership in the mind. Beliefs are like little people and follow patterns similar to what we see happening in politics. When one side rejects what the other side wants, there is a stalemate. Often, neither side gets its way and progress is nihil.

When you adopt new, more effective and positive beliefs, it is as if you have a new inner president and set of leaders inside you. These are new core beliefs. But what usually happens is that your old beliefs take notice of your new beliefs and say, “Hey, wait a minute, I don’t like all this nonsense, it’s time for me to take back my rightful control.” When your old beliefs come back, they often come back swinging their fists with reasons why the new beliefs (inner leaders) are wrong.

The new beliefs you adopt are like your own new inner government. Beliefs have opinions and ways of doing things. Positive beliefs, like good people, are often met with opposition.

Again, this resembles what happens in politics. Your old beliefs may attempt to slam your new beliefs in the same way Trump slammed Obama and Biden, even making false claims about the election. Your old beliefs will discredit your new beliefs.

I have designed affirmations and guidance to stop this from happening. My books, articles, affirmations and my “goal delivery system audio book” in particular, address this tendency and can stop you from backsliding. The reason why I have done this, is simply because of what I have gone through. I have conducted a 45-year study and so I base my publications on what I have experienced in life first-hand. What I have had to do to overcome inner and outer resistance has been put into specific affirmations and guidance so that you do not have to go through what I did.

When I founded Earth Network, I was misunderstood by the government, and this coincided with my old beliefs re-exerting themselves. What happens in the world is a reflection of what is inside you, and when someone or some entity degrades you, it is usually because our world’s official belief system. We tend to interpret things in the worst light because of the nature of collective beliefs. Our official worldviews are very limiting and negative. They hold people back. They are cultish myths that often limit and destroy. Overcoming them is not always easy. The new metaphysical ideas are not yet accepted in the world, and so certain people in the world will try to “get you back.” Beliefs and people can pull you down.

There is a need to prevent this from happening and to reverse this falling-back tendency if it is already happening in someone’s thinking and life. This is what my affirmation pages, daily guidance and goal delivery system are designed to do.

All my books and articles are designed to help you transition from a worldview based on materialism to one based on holographic reality or metaphysics (an accurate paradigm by whatever name you go by). You can call it the metaphysics, new science, holographic reality or whatever. The facts are the same regardless of the name you assign to those facts. Reality is a projection of your mind, and everything is consciousness. Matter is the materialization of your beliefs, thoughts and emotions.


A ThoughtsCreateMatter.com website article.


When you adopt positive beliefs, they can crash into society’s view that you are everywhere a victim, and that you have no real control over events. In this view, bad things happen because that’s life. Most elements of Darwinism and religion are full of the worst possible assumptions about human nature. We don’t want to admit that often our beliefs tell us we are unworthy, not up to par in some important way, deficient, untrustworthy, or worse. These kinds of beliefs are actually the basis of our system of laws.

These are the kinds of beliefs my goal delivery system combats.

Everyone’s beliefs are different, yet there are many similarities. Since we are all human, we all have similarities in what we believe. The mainstream worldviews of our ancestors are legally binding in court. When you change your beliefs and become positive, old beliefs can rise out of the shadows and send up its “lawyers” that tell you that you have broken a centuries-old-contract with yourself and the world of others.

Beliefs and values are entwined. This is powerful stuff in your mind that has been there seemingly forever. It’s not going to go away so easily unless you know how to protect yourself and make the proper transition to a whole new worldview.

Many people do not even know how to be positive. Others are feel like they are being attacked from within because of stubborn negative beliefs from the past.

This is why we have developed a resource and tool for reprogramming the mind. Our goal delivery system will get you safely beyond the old beliefs to create a new self and far better life. To change yourself and your life for the better requires focus and determination. It does not happen on its own. If you want results, you must be willing to do the work. You have to apply the principles properly. But if you do the work and apply the principles correctly, you will get results. The laws of the universe are as consistent and predictable as gravity. You have to get rid of your old beliefs to make your new beliefs work, but once you do that you absolutely will experience fantastic results. If you want to take the journey to a new and better life, I can help you.



45 years of research goes into every book


An audio goal delivery system by William Eastwood.

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45 years of research goes into every book


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45 years of research goes into every book


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45 years of research goes into every book


Holographic universe reality book by William Eastwood

A journey that will change your life and civilization


Mind forms matter science

The Holographic Universe is a scientific view of reality which states that the events surrounding you are a projection formed by your mind, brain and five senses. David Bohm’s assertion that all of reality is a single, unbroken energy movement implies a unity of mind and matter, from which we can extrapolate that the mind forms matter via holographic projection.

Can mind form matter?

An explanation of how the mind forms matter is inherent in wave-particle duality.

Proof that mind forms matter and thoughts create reality
de Broglie.

World-famous Nobel Prize winning physicist Louis de Broglie,  discovered all matter possessed electromagnetic fields/waves of energy.

Niels Bohr, university of Copenhagen physicist and Nobel Prize winner, confirmed that matter is like a beam of light.

All objects and events are “energy containing information.” What is a thought? A thought is “energy containing information.”


NOVA CPTV: Matter is a State of Consciousness

Max Planck

Top physicists know that mind forms matter, it is the rest of science, media and the world who do not want to listen to what they are saying.

Max Planck says mind forms matter and thoughts create reality
Max Planck.
Nobel Prize winning father of quantum mechanics Max Planck,  says, “I regard matter as derivative from consciousness.”

The Observer, 1/25/1931


Max Tegmark of MIT



Max Tegmark of MIT” says consciousness is a state of matter.





Nobel prize winner Bernard d’Espagnat

Mind forms matter according to the world's leading physicists. Bernard d'Espagnat.
Bernard d’Espagnat.

The doctrine that the world is made up of objects whose existence is independent of human consciousness turns out to be in conflict with quantum mechanics and with facts established by experiment.”

Bernard d’Espagnat

D’espagnat believed scientists failed to investigate the implications of quantum mechanics.

Read more…


These Nobel Prize winner’s and many other scientists of high standing, believe it possible that mind forms matter — that your mind projects physical reality.

Mind can and does form matter Nobel Prize winners
Mind can and does form matter.


The proof that mind forms matter is available to us if we interpret the science correctly. According to the most advanced science in the world today, your mind forms matter.

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Does mind form matter? And if it does, what are the ramifications?

If mind forms matter, it would turn all accumulated knowledge upside down. If it were a fact that mind forms matter, everyone in our civilization would need to reprogram their mind because virtually all beliefs in the average person’s mind are based on the opposite premise of materialism. Otherwise they would be unable to progress and be free of the limitations inherent in the old-world-paradigm.

All the assumptions of materialism are false.


I recommend everyone read this article (below).

A MindFormsMatter.com website article.



In 1947, Bohm met Albert Einstein when he became an assistant professor at Princeton University

  • When observing electrons within groups, Bohm was surprised to find that electrons seemed to behave like flocks of birds or schools of fish — as if they were somehow alive!
  • My philosophy is largely congruent with David Bohm’s scientific paradigm in that it depicts reality as a multitude of dimensions formed by consciousness.

Your mind is projecting the objects and events that surround you. Events are formed on deep levels of consciousness.

My recently published book, The Holographic Universe — Journey Out of the Illusion explains all of this and more, such as how the civil rights movements in the 1960’s and David Bohm’s work are connected.

Your mind can and does form matter.


A WilliamEastwood.com website article.


A MindFormsMatter.com website article.

Reality is a projection of consciousness

Image of sun depicts the realization that mind forms matter.
Mind forms matter.

We already know the senses perceive, but they also project, and this is what is not widely known. The senses project and then perceive. Your thoughts literally create your reality.



The eyes project. The mind creates reality
The eyes project an image you perceive as reality. Your other senses also project.


The projection is a consciousness hologram..


proof-your-thoughts-form-create-your-reality-Karl Pribram-185
Karl Pribram of Yale.

Dennis GaborNobel Prize winner and professor at CERN² in Switzerland, British physicist Peter Marcer, and neurosurgeon Karl Pribram (Stanford & Yale professor), demonstrated that we do not see objects per se, but instead construct an image in the brain by extracting holographic images from the ZPF. 

The eyes then project that image out into space. Our other senses also project.  

In other words, your reality is a dream-like projection originating from the fourth dimension. From an inner dimension of consciousness, the mind projects and materializes the brain in time-space. According to thoughts you have had in the past, the brain then projects and materializes the events of your life.

Exactly how your mind forms matter is explained in the article below.


A MindFormsMatter.com website article.


Find out for yourself if the principles work

Proof you consciousness and thoughts create your reality is in the placebo effect.
Proof you mind forms matter.

Reality is a projection.  Matter is a hologram.  Consciousness forms matter.  Scientific facts.  Proof your thoughts create reality and form matter.  Your mind creates your reality.  Einstein.  Nobel Prize winners findings


Mind forms matter and creates reality
Your mind can move mountains because the mind forms mountains in the first place.


Holographic universe reality book by William Eastwood
The Holographic Universe by William Eastwood.


About eight billion people are living in an illusion cast by their own senses and they don’t know it. Those who are fooled by the illusion are powerless to control their destiny. This book gives you the understanding necessary to change the projection and to become part of a new and superior species.

Scientists know that objects are not actually solid. So why do we perceive physical objects as being solid?

Make the evolutionary leap with a revolutionary book by William Eastwood that gives you an easy-to-understand guided journey out of the illusion.



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A ThoughtsCreateMatter.com website article.


A MindOverMatterPower.com website article.


A ThoughtsCreateMatter.com website article.





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MIND FORMS MATTER: Resource & Tool for Reprogramming the Mind: Create a New Self & Far Better Life

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mind forms matter science and philosophy image five
Consciousness creates the universe.

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